The People behind the Mission

They say, great intent brings greater outcomes.

And that's how TheKarmaNetwork.in was born.

TheKarmaNetwork.in is the brainchild of a bunch of like-minded, Senior Executives of Corporate India with strong intent to make a difference:
Alok Srivastava, Pushan Puri, Kinnari (Thacker) Dave, Shilpa Popat, Shivam Agarwal and Zubin Jimmy Dubash

In these hard times, they are clearly 2 needs. Those who:
A) need help, and
B) want to help

We wanted to do something that's quick, effective and transparent. Thus, the idea of a bridging platform came up.

We zoomed in on a solution i.e. helping the needy, meet the donors in a timely manner.

Within barely a few days, volunteers from all walks of life joined us to set up technology, social media, marketing and fund raising - all ProBoNo.

Our aim is to channelize the Karmic energies and give wings to the “Pay it Forward" movement.

Agnostic to specific areas of help, we wish to support financial aid for individuals - in any area be it medical, education, food, mental health and more.

We invite pledgers from every walk of life to give and help, because in the end it's what we do for people in need that matters most.